Michael Douglas White

Michael White left a trading career on Wall Street to become a pastor at CityLight Church in New York City. Michael has a passion for leading people from lifeless religion into Spirit-filled Christianity and wrote Intelligent Charismatic: The Believer’s Guide to a Spirit-Filled Life to encourage every believer to thoughtfully embrace the move of God’s Holy Spirit. He and his wife founded the Healing Rooms at CityLight Church, and Michael currently serves as the NYC Area Coordinator for the International Association of Healing Rooms. Michael is a graduate of Cornell University and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. He and his wife live in Brooklyn with their children.

Michael’s mission is to restore healthy, Biblical balance: to your life, and to the church.

To your life: A daily dose of Scripture and prayer is exactly what you need to embrace and enjoy your salvation: to align yourself with the word and will of God, so that everything He has deposited within you – divine health, supernatural provision, and abundant grace – can rise to the surface. Will you commit to the Daily Word, as we read His word and pursue His presence?

To the church: We shouldn’t have to pick and choose between respecting our intellect and honoring the Holy Spirit. We aim to find the middle ground between the purely intellectual church and the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement. Our mandate is to encourage every believer to embrace the supernatural without sacrificing intelligence. We owe it to the world to become intelligent charismatics: those who embrace the fullness of the Holy Spirit, with comprehensive, Biblical explanations for everything that takes place in our church services and in our lives. Will you join us in honoring God – with all our hearts, all our souls, and all our minds – as we seek to be led by His Holy Spirit in everything we think, say and do?