Intelligent Charismatic

If God’s Holy Spirit still has the power to draw men to repentance, He still has the power to work signs, miracles and wonders through Jesus’ disciples. That means you! You are filled with the Holy Spirit. That means you can pray for the same things Jesus prayed for, and expect the same results! Do you wish you had a clear & concise guide to abundant life in partnership with the Holy Spirit? Have you been waiting for a power-packed resource to give to your friends & family members that explains why being saved & filled with the Holy Spirit is so important? No more wishing, and no more waiting: the book is here.

Why Should I Tithe?

Do you have questions about the tithe? Do you know the benefits of tithing from personal experience, but struggle to explain the tithe to other people? As a church leader, do you wish you had a succinct yet powerful resource you could give away at church every Sunday to answer the most common questions about tithing?

‘Why Should I Tithe?’ is a mini-book resource written to explain the benefits of tithing for every believer. Pastor Michael White draws on hundreds of conversations with church members, attendees and skeptics to detail the Biblical history of the tithe, as well as practical applications. Questions addressed include:

  • What is the tithe?
  • Does every Christian have to tithe?
  • Why should I tithe?
  • Isn’t tithing Old Covenant?
  • What if the church misuses the funds?
  • What if I don’t have room in my budget to tithe?