Intelligent Charismatic takes a practical approach to invite those on the outskirts of a supernatural lifestyle to experience a power-filled relationship with Jesus Christ. This book aims to bridge the gap between intellectual and charismatic Christianity: embracing the supernatural without sacrificing intelligence. It is a much-needed, timeless resource for Christians and churches all over the world.

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Praise for Intelligent Charismatic

“Whether you are a new believer or you have been serving the Lord for a long time, this book will cause the joy of salvation and power of the Holy Spirit to become fresh and new all over again. In my opinion, The Believer’s Guide to A Spirit-Filled Life should be a part of every local church’s curriculum and every Spirit-filled believer’s library.”

– David Wagner, Father’s Heart Ministries, Pensacola, FL

“Pastor Michael White has brilliantly bridged a gap, and created a middle ground that will combine what he has coined, “Intelligent Charismatic.” As spirit filled believers we don’t have to be so open minded that our brains fall out. I believe in the pages of this book lies the blueprint for the reformation of the church that walks in the word and the Spirit.”

– Ivan Roman, Empowered Life Church, Medford, OR

“Pastor Michael White skillfully makes a well thought out and intentional case for why believers should live in the fullness of the Spirit. Jeremiah prophesies about God raising up “shepherds after His own heart” (Jer 3:15). Pastor Michael White is undoubtedly one of these shepherds who pursues both God’s heart and people’s hearts so well.”

– Shara Pradhan, Producer of Compelled by Love the Movie, Casting Director, iBethel TV, Redding, CA

“Pastor Michael White presents a powerful model to bridge the gap between charismatic and nominal Christians. Readers will become more spiritually encouraged, Biblically knowledgeable, and socially relevant – without being doctrinally dogmatic – by as a result of this book. The Intelligent Charismatic will teach you to be unapologetically Christian yet culturally-engaging by speaking truth through intellect for power in Christ.”

– Dr. Marcia Lucas, Program Director, Alliance Graduate School of Counseling, New York, NY

“Michael never does things halfway; his passion for God and his pursuit of excellence will be evident throughout his book. In Intelligent Charismatic: The Believer’s Guide to A Spirit-Filled Life, you will be challenged to examine your beliefs about healing, the supernatural, and all things God. We highly recommend Michael and his book. Enjoy it, and allow it to challenge you to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

– Vincent & Deborah Aquilino, NY State & Northwest Region Directors, International Association of Healing Rooms, Syracuse, NY

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