About Intelligent Charismatic
& Michael D. White

The church remains divided. In one corner, we have the ‘intellectuals’: churches and pastors who excel in Biblical exegesis, but come up short when it comes to exercising spiritual gifts. In the other corner, we have the ‘charismatics’: churches and pastors who embrace the move of God’s Holy Spirit but sometimes leave parishioners lost and confused, without a cohesive Biblical explanation as to why they do much of what they do.The Intelligent Charismatic aims to find the middle ground: embracing the supernatural without sacrificing intelligence. We shouldn’t have to pick and choose between respecting our intellect and honoring the Holy Spirit. We owe it to the world to become intelligent charismatics: those who embrace the fullness of the Holy Spirit with comprehensive, Biblical explanations for everything that takes place in our church services and in our lives.

Michael D. White left a trading career on Wall Street to become a pastor at CityLight Church in New York City. CityLight Church’s mission is spiritual awakening: the personal, citywide, and global expansion of God’s kingdom through believers showing forth His presence. He and his wife live in Brooklyn with their son. Michael is a graduate of Cornell University.

Pastor Michael D White of CityLight Church in new York City